HP & Dell COmputers

Technology is critical to run almost every business today, and in most cases, can offer both competitive and strategic value to your business. The problem is many businesses don’t think about their PCs, printers or servers as providing a competitive advantage or as strategic business tools.


Even as a fundamental business tool, many thinks that there is little difference in the basic capabilities across the huge variety of technology devices on the market today.


Below are just a few on a long list of technology solutions which an experienced partner such as Proweb can help you with, including navigating your options and integrating the solutions.


  • - Business continuity and disaster planning: What would happen to your business should a natural or man-made disaster strike? Are you truly prepared to manage through a catastrophic data loss? Many businesses are not and research shows that as high as 75% of companies without a business continuity plan fail within three years of a disaster.

  • - Data protection and security policies: Is your business protected from hackers and in compliance with local, state and/or federal regulations? If you manage customer records, especially sensitive data like personally identifiable information, there are countless laws on how you manage that data and enormous legal and civil penalties that could cost you should that data get into the wrong hands.

  • - Unified communications, collaboration and content management: Enhancing your business capabilities in these areas can help you to reduce costs, improve productivity and efficiency and result in better overall communications both internally and externally.